Allow Your Organs Of Your Body To Speak Dec 2016

Allow the organs of your body to speak!

Dear friends,

Why is it important to allow the organs of your body to “speak”?
Every part of your body is alive with consciousness. Every part of you is eager to communicate with you. Your body can tell you so much about your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. But the big question is – are YOU ready to listen?

From my experience, in assisting hundreds of clients and course participants to connect with their bodies, we find an ongoing theme. The organs are desperate to get our attention. They want to tell us about our spiritual and emotional imbalances that when brought back into balance, will provide instant physical healing. But they are accustomed to being ignored and taken for granted. They desperately try to get our attention by sending us feelings of discomfort, dis-ease. But when ignored, these feelings become more and more painful and consistent, resulting in sickness and deterioration.
So why do our organs break down and become diseased? Because THEY DON’T FEEL LISTENED TO and THEY DONT FEEL LOVED! They are waiting for you to give them a voice. They are parts of you that you have denied. They are waiting for you to transform them back to their “optimal functioning blueprints” and once this is done the organs themselves will tell you of the instant healing that have occurred within them.

To register for our next course coming up on the 18th February 2017 go to www.genomehealing.com.au/courses or call us on 0407 972 277. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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