Blind Man Has 70% Vision Improvement At Genome Healing Course

Man who was blind in one eye for 20 years gets 70% of his vision back

Dear Friends,

We have just experienced another wonderful Genome Healing Basic and Intensive course at Coolangatta Beach Qld. last week where many incredible physical and emotional transformations took place.
One of the amazing transformations was for a man who had been blind in one eye for 20 years. He got 70% of his vision back. Not only that, the very next day his mother called him to say his father’s eyesight had miraculously improved as well! This man’s father had glaucoma in both eyes and had regular eye injections for his condition. This was instant proof of the benefits to our ancestors as we heal ourselves. Each time we work with a particular organ, we address the genetic aspects which assists everyone in the lineage.
Along with the 70% vision improvement we also transformed this man’s Epstein Bar Virus and Lyme bacteria during a demonstration in front of the class. He described how he now perceived these as having become life-supporting energies in his body rather than destructive ones. He will continue to use the Genome Healing tools for himself to mainain his progress.

Our next 2 day + 5 day Intensive course starts 13th to 19th August. I’d love to see you there. To book go to www.genomehealing.com.au

If you have done the Intensive course and want to go even deeper make sure you attend our 3 day Genome Healing Master Class at Coolangatta Beach starting Friday the 17th to 19th June. Email us at info@genomehealing.com.au
I am looking forward to assisting you on an exciting journey of healing and personal empowerment.

Much love and blessings
Carol Roberts

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