Healing Sessions with Carol Roberts, Genome Healing Founder

Hello friends welcome to my page.

In a typical session I guide you into the organs and systems of your body, even your chromosomes, to allow these parts of yourself to “have a voice” and be transformed back to what we call ‘the Creator’s perfect blueprint’. The organs themselves will tell you of the extraordinary shifts that happen within them as this is done.

In most cases I need to clear unhappy and traumatic events (present or past) to be able to free your body up to heal, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I am often called to work with ancestral patterns locked in at the DNA level, clearing these not only for you, but your ancestors as well. This also benefits your children and their offspring.

Each traumatic event usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes to resolve and just like modern computers that can accomplish numerous tasks at lightening speed, my rapid energy healing methods bypass months or years of lengthy talking sessions getting to the root of the issue and clearing it at the informational levels in a very short amount of time. Physical healings can occur quickly once the emotional aspects are resolved. To see some of the rapid physical healing results experienced by attendees at my courses you can go to our rapid healing ‘testimonials’ page.

I see myself as a facilitator rather than a healer, helping you connect with the different aspects of yourself to have your own internal healing experience. In between my teaching and writing schedule I am available for face to face sessions at Tweed Heads, NSW or by Skype, messenger or telephone from anywhere in the world. I am looking forward to assisting you to have a deeply profound and powerful healing experience. For bookings click the email link below. Have a beautiful day!

“I have experienced, studied and practiced many ancient and modern healing techniques from shamans all over the world to neat professional looking NLP practitioners and a whole gamut in between. But in the two hours I spent with Carol, I undoubtedly received the greatest healing and internal balance I have received in any number of sessions and appointments over the last 15 years”. – Jeremy Ball, Writer for Nova magazine, Sacred Tours facilitator, Master NLP practitioner