Hello Dear Friends

My name is Carol Roberts

I am the founder of the Genome Healing Method. Thank you for visiting my site. My joy is in assisting my students to harness the power of their consciousness to gain real and measureable healing results for themselves and others.

My own healing challenge began back in 1995 when I was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, an “incurable” vocal cord condition where my voice was reduced to a whisper.

This lasted for more than 3 years until I came across a powerful energy healing method by the name of Thought Field Therapy. This enabled me to heal this condition by revealing and resolving the emotional cause which was childhood sexual abuse.

I was so impressed with the power and speed of this method that in 1999 I became one of the pioneers in TFT in Australia, having obtained teacher certification in the US from the late Dr Roger Callahan, the founder of TFT and the father of energy psychology. As an advanced Theta and Intuitive Anatomy instructor I taught TFT and Theta Healing Australia-wide for almost a decade. For the last six years I have been a co-director of Humanergetic Therapies an holistic wellness centre on the Gold Coast, Australia.

In my quest to discover the most advanced mind-body methods for emotional and physical transformation on the planet, in 2009 I was privileged to be trained in the extraordinary healing techniques of Grigori Grabovoi, a renowned clairvoyant and professor of mathematics and mechanics from Russia, as well as in the methods of other revered Russian healers. My travels to Moscow inspired me to bring together the essence of all that I had learnt over the years, and in working with many hundreds of clients, to create a powerful and highly effective healing system which I have been teaching in Australia and abroad since 2010.

My courses are the culmination of more than 40 years of study and practice under the guidance of a number of advanced spiritual teachers and healing masters primarily in the Vedic Bhakti Yoga Tradition. My foremost teacher was the late Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada by whose grace I gained a firm understanding of the spiritual and scientific principles at the foundation of this work.

My life’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of others, especially in teaching cutting-edge techniques that empower people to access their untapped potential for personal and planetary transformation. After reading through the site and watching the video testimonials, if the thought of this work excites you, I would love to meet you at one of my courses and share the magic of Genome Healing.