What is genome healing?

The powerful self-help methods taught in the workshops are the accumulation of Carol’s 35 years of study and practical experience in the areas of healing and personal development. Over the years she has been privileged to train under a number of advanced spiritual teachers and healing masters. After training in Moscow in 2009 and being inspired by the healing methods of scientist and psychic Professor Grigori Grabovoi her healing results took a quantum leap.

The essence of the teachings is that we humans are immensely powerful and have the ability to heal ourselves. When we tap into our higher power we can affect change at every level of our being. The ability to heal ones’ self is every persons’ God given birth right. The belief in God, source of all that is, divine mind or benevolent higher presence is the basis of the methods and when we become a co-creator with God, all things are possible.

Can I use these techniques to help others?

Yes you can. The 2 day course was designed as a foundation for the Intensive course and to help one-self. The Intensive course has been developed to assist participants to experience deep personal healing as well as to gain certification as a practitioner. Many people attend this course simply for their own healing.

These methods are not just for healing a particular part of the body that is ailing but to enable every organ and system to work cooperatively together for optimum functioning and regeneration of the entire organism. If a person wants to achieve this goal, they will need to be committed, learn the methods for themselves and use them regularly.

What courses are available?

The 2 day basic, 5 day intensive Course and the 3 day Master Class are available at present. The prerequisite for attending the 5 day is that you have completed the basic course before hand. The Master Class is for Intensive graduates. The Intensive course is not just an in depth healing journey for yourself, but will provide you with the experience and certification should you wish to use these methods as a Genome Healing practitioner.

A schedule of courses is posted on the ‘Courses’ page. All courses are held at Coolangatta Beach just 5 minutes drive from the Gold Coast Airport, Queensland, Australia unless otherwise stated.

What can one expect to achieve on completion of the two day course?

You will learn to ‘embody’ your organs and allow them to ‘speak’ and be able to heal negativity held within these parts. You will learn to heal using stem cells and to purify your blood and bodily fluids through specific geometries. You’ll learn how to heal your spine and skeletal system and more – all through the power of your consciousness.

What can one expect to achieve on completion of the five day course?

This course will take you on a more in-depth journey into your organs, systems, genomes, chromosomes, stem cells, telomeres and DNA and to experience deeper transformation on all those levels. Working with a new time line, you will learn how to heal a life-time of traumas in ONE morning session.

It is a deeply personal journey of healing and self realisation and will give you the certification to use this as a practitioner if you should wish to do so. You can more on what we cover at each course on our Courses page.

Can anyone learn these techniques?

Yes, the techniques were specifically designed so that anyone can apply them and get great results. Usually people are able to quickly tap into their ‘extra sensory perception’ through the unique methods Carol has designed. The courses are not recommended for children under 16.

Can you guarantee results?

Although Genome Healing seems to work for everyone and has been demonstrated often through Carol’s live and random public demonstrations, we cannot guarantee results or claim to cure anything as each case is different. The technologies are not a replacement for standard medical or psychological treatments.

Where are the courses held?

All courses are held on Australia’s Gold Coast at Coolangatta Beach. (5 minute taxi from the Gold Coast Airport). The beautiful natural setting provides a wonderful opportunity for course participants to leave their sometimes hectic lives behind and fully immerse themselves in the healing magic.

What are your Cancellation and Refund Policies?

If you cancel (in writing) within 48 hours of registering, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel after that time, we will transfer your payment (in full) to a future Genome Healing course.

What are the terms of your money back guarantee?

At all previous courses at least 80% of attendees experience healings over the first two days of the course by applying the Genome Healing techniques taught. This is usually not the case in most other training courses which often require months of study and practice to achieve tangible results. These results are verified through feedback from course participants shared with the group. If you do not witness such group results, we will be happy to give you a 100% refund on your course fee.