Changing our biology through the power of our consciousness

The cells of our bodies are affected by our thoughts.

The new science of Epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of humanity. The research of Bruce H. Lipton PhD a prominent American cell biologist concludes that the cells in our bodies are affected by our thoughts and how we perceive our environment. In his book the Biology of Belief he describes the precise molecular pathways through which this occurs.

In our Genome Healing courses we prove this research to be true. Not only can we affect the cells of our bodies to gain real and measureable healing results within our organs and systems, we can also positively affect our DNA.

Our Thoughts Control our DNA

It is a misconception that DNA determines our addictions, disorders, or susceptibility to cancer and other diseases. We are not victims of our heredity. The truth is that we are spiritual beings, powerful beyond measure, with the intrinsic power to heal our bodies, our relationships and the world around us. There are no limitations, other than those we put on ourselves through our limited thinking.

Gain your own first-hand experience

By attending one of our Genome Healing courses you will gain your own first-hand experience of the immediate changes you can effect within your body (and the bodies of others.) These methods are not just for healing a specific part of your body but they provide you with the tools to begin the regeneration process in every organ and system throughout the entire organism and to make a true difference in all areas of your life.

Giving the body a voice

By learning a simple technique that connects you to your body, you will gain a true experience of what is going on within your organs and systems from an internal perspective because you will “embody” these parts and allow them to “have a voice”. You’ll become aware of negativity held there and be able to rapidly transform it. You will gain very valuable insights on how YOU have chosen to experience this negativity and WHY. You’ll learn how to reprogram your DNA, and activate new blueprints for optimal functioning. And most importantly, each time you orchestrate a healing, either for yourself or another person, you will know this has happened because you will experience it. As you experience the changes within yourself and get feedback from those you work with in the course, you will gain solid conviction that simply through the power of your consciousness, you can achieve real, measurable and tangible results for yourself and others.

Telomeres and the Fountain of Youth

Science has discovered that each time cells divide, your telomeres, the tips at the ends of your chromosomes, lose part of their informational coding. In other words the shorter the telomeres, the sicker the person is and the shorter life span he will experience. One of our techniques allows you to re-establish the lost codes and expand your telomeres activating your youth and vitality genes and most people experience the shifts as we work with them.

Healing of your Stem Cells

You will find it interesting as you “embody” your stem cells, chromosomes, genome and DNA allowing them to “have a voice”. You’ll see how negative patterns from your genetic lineage could be affecting your experiences at the present time and how you can change that. Imagine being able to work with your stem cells through the power of your mind to release them of their ancestral baggage and direct them to areas where they are needed for rejuvenation. You’ll be amused when they tell you how thrilled they are that you are finally recognising them for their astounding regenerative abilities

Help your children and grandchildren

We humans not only face our own life’s challenges but sometimes feel burdened by the negative beliefs and ways of being we find ourselves passing on to our children. We know these are not what we truly stand for but somehow find ourselves passing them on subconsciously.

It is liberating to know that all of this can be changed and we now have the power to lighten the load for ourselves as well as our lineage. When we heal our own DNA, everyone connected with it past and future receives the benefit. We can also work individually with children and animals through surrogates and from a distance.

Healing a whole life-time of traumas in ONE morning session
Working with the “time line” you will learn how you can heal a whole life-time of traumas in ONE morning session! You will also be able to greatly ease the burdens of your family, friends and clients.

Why is this so important? Unresolved traumas weigh you down and create a negative resonance in your energy field. Each unhappy event that you are dealing with now or in the past, stops you from living life to the fullest and vibrating at the higher frequencies of health, love, joy and abundance which is your birthright. If these traumas are not resolved and released, they create post traumatic stress which builds up over time creating depression and physical sickness. You may become surprised at what you have buried long ago as your only coping mechanism. The good news is, all can be transformed easily without the need to relive or rehash any old hurts.

Healing of planetary influences holding you back

Certain planetary influences negatively affect specific organs and systems. You will learn how to transform your relationships with planets in the solar system that are holding you back from wellness, vitality and creating the life you love. Sounds really “out there”? Well, to be convinced, you may have to come and experience this for yourself.

Harnessing the “field of unlimited potentiality”

There is a field of energy that is existing everywhere which ancient texts call “Brahman”, “white light” or “source” and which science now calls the field of unlimited potentiality. Everything exists within this field. Everything is energy in motion. By projecting our consciousness onto this field we can envision what it is that we want to experience and bring it into physical manifestation. How we perceive energy is how we create it to be.

An astounding example of harnessing this healing energy through focused intent is demonstrated in the video below. Gregg Brayden tells of a cancerous tumor being healed in 3 minutes in a medicine-less hospital in Beijing and captured in real time on ultrasound. The Genome Healing methods are very different, however the principle of harnessing universal healing energy and seeing the problem as if it is already healed, is the same.