Teresa Postregna
Melbourne, Vic
I REALLY loved doing the course and learning the techniques and am already using them with great results.

Mum (73 years old) was crying in pain when she came to the course but became pain free for the whole weekend since the healing and all day Monday until she went to dialysis. She said that she didn’t know if the freedom of pain would last and I’ve told her that her thoughts create her reality.

This morning when I called her she was in a lot of pain. I did a distant meditative healing after I spoke to her and it was the best experience I’ve had to date. I really felt like the Creator was healing her. I could really feel the energy coming down. I can’t really explain it.

When I called Zjelka to see where my Mum was, she said they were out at a friend’s and went shopping and that she wasn’t in pain. I think it’s amazing and exciting. Zjelka has also been pain free since the healing for the first time in three years.

Lorraine Smythe
Melbourne, Vic
I WAS absolutely amazed at the power of Genome Healing for healing my emotional suffering and trauma.

After listing all of the traumas that happened to me throughout my life (and there were many) and giving them a rating (i.e number 10 meaning extreme trauma; 0 meaning no trauma at all), each one was released in one powerful exercise at Carol’s workshop.

This not only happened for me but for everyone else in the workshop as well. Unbelievably powerful process and highly recommended for anyone who has ever experienced painful and traumatic life’s experiences, whatever they may be.

Patricia Brinson
Murwillumbah, NSW
I HAVE had bladder problems most of my life. I am now in my 70’s. From the first short genome healing session with Carol my bladder had an amazing turnaround.

Since then I have had no more incontinence problems. I was so impressed with the results that I have done Carol’s two-day course and am now using the techniques for myself. As I work with the methods I gain incredible insights about myself, my beliefs and what is happening within the organs and systems of my body.

I would highly recommend this powerful healing method to anyone and, in fact, have told many of my friends about it because IT REALLY WORKS

Vicki Anderson
RECENTLY I was experiencing some very unpleasant feelings and thoughts about myself and my journey through life and was advised through another source that my soul was not in alignment with my purpose and therefore creating quite some angst for me.

A friend recommended I see Carol Roberts and I found her to be very kind, caring and understanding with me as I was in a very emotional state when I contacted her. I am very grateful to Carol for her lovely gentle intuitive presence which enabled her to tune into the areas which needed the most attention. She explained the healing process and was very supportive as to where I was currently at. It was really lovely to receive her acknowledgement for whatever was happening for each body organ we worked with – very honouring and helped to allow for that organ and my mind to be okay with its current expression.

The Genome Healing process is such a loving, beautiful process and very extraordinary in that it creates a wholesome oneness feeling within yourself, your body parts and organs and gives you that feeling of being a whole unit once more and having your whole self working together in balance and harmony.

The process allowed me to reconnect to my heart and feel a true connection that I was missing, and having my brain and mind balanced as part of the process really served me well. I highly recommend this process if you are feeling uncomfortable with yourself or feeling sabotaged in anyway. It’s a very gentle loving process that is very honouring.

In fact, I was so impressed I used the process Carol had shared with me and provided some guidance to a friend who was feeling unconnected to her feelings. The process was simply astounding as it enabled so many clarities to arise for her and we were able to gently and lovingly release blockages, energy blocks and rebalance the harmony in the key body parts and organs. A truly amazing experience for myself and my friend who just loved it.

I am excited to learn this beautiful healing process and am drawn by it for my own life purpose and journey. I look forward to joining Carol at her next workshop and sharing this wonderful energy and healing with those I can serve. With love and appreciation.

Elizabeth Robison
Melbourne, Vic
DEAR Carol, thank you for last weekend. It has given me the opportunity to completely change my life. My husband and I just keep laughing through everything and we have not done that in a long time.

I have never been so happy, thank you. It is not that everything is perfect but I am different within it and know that my perceptions can help to balance my world. My daughter’s osteopath questioned who had been working on her. He thought it was my sister who is his teacher. I told him that I had used the techniques which I learnt in the course just the weekend before and his answer was that we had started a new phase of her healing! Thanks so much and please keep me up to date with everything you are doing. Love and light.

Tricia Fox, marketing consultant
Blue Mountains, NSW
I AM totally blown away by the distant healing session Carol conducted via Skype with me.

I have had a very sore left shoulder, which has been giving me constant pain. It was so bad I had to take time off work. I have had massages and seen an osteopath, which brought about temporary relief, but I still had the pain after these treatments.

As soon as Carol started her genome healing treatment I could feel it working immediately. She helped me communicate with my shoulder, spine and muscular system and by the end of our half-hour session the pain in my neck, back and shoulders had gone and I could freely move my head to the left and right without discomfort.

I have told friends about my experience and am excited and looking forward to learning these techniques for myself at Carol’s next course. Thank you so much.

Peter Murphy, writer
Tweed Heads, NSW
I AM extremely impressed with the vast and instant improvement I experienced with my bladder and prostate as a result of Carol’s healing techniques. I felt beneficial change from the very first day.

It’s not much fun having your sleep interrupted 4-5 times during the night to go to the toilet. Sometimes I would be trying to urinate for 5 minutes or more and although my bladder was full, short squirts were the norm. I would then go back to bed only to have to get up again shortly after. However, since the first day of the communicative healing method I have only needed to get up once a night.

Using Carol’s visualisation healing technique, I also have been able to realign my upper spine several times, so much so that I am able to stand more erect with my shoulders further back and my chest expanded more. Initially, I was amazed my back could be realigned without chiropractic intervention. But, again, I put total faith in Carol’s transformation techniques and the results have been simply wonderful. In fact, following my first realignment session when I got into my car I was quite surprised I had to adjust my rear-view mirror because I was sitting taller.

Rosemary Nissan-Wade, Reiki Master
Murwillumbah, NSW
I WAS having trouble with my breathing and my doctor told me he believed I had a hernia poking up into my left lung. It was very uncomfortable and I was always out of breath.

As soon as Carol helped me communicate with the hernia and we transformed the negativity within. It told me that it was now able to move back into place where it belonged and the next day my breathing capacity had improved by 80%. A week later I went to a chiropractor and he was able to easily push the remaining part of the hernia back into place.

My husband and I have been using the techniques for rapid relief of pain and have had many incredible insights and emotional transformations. I would highly recommend these processes for rapid healing and personal transformation.

Jane McCue
Murray Bridge, SA
I RESCUED a cat named Abraham seven years ago and he is a very timid cat, so when he had a problem with his breathing and nose I had to catch him and take him to the vet who prescribed antibiotics.

Abraham let me give him the first dose and then he disappeared for two weeks. Over the next two months he got really bad. He had scabs growing over his nose and it sounded like it was blocking his breathing. Every time I made an appointment at the vets he must have sensed that something was happening so he would disappear. I finally trapped him and took him to the vets at Christmas time and his diagnosis was very poor – cancer. He needed an operation to remove some of his nose.

He couldn’t stay at the vets because the only vet that could do the operation was on holidays for another week. I felt sick that I had to put this cat through something so horrendous when he was already very scared. I kept putting it off and did a TFT course with Carol Roberts in February and she mentioned that she had some success with a new method she was going to Russia to learn. Carol offered to try and help Abraham, which I accepted. He was still in home in Adelaide so the healing was done from a distance. All up the healing took no more than 20 minutes.

Well, in the next week I thought I was seeing things. It looked like the sores on his nose were disappearing, but I had to ask everyone that saw him and knew him to check for me. And yes, they were disappearing. It probably took about two-three weeks and they completely disappeared and he started to breathe without struggling. I am so grateful to Carol for helping my cat and would recommend anyone to have a go and see if they have amazing results like I did. The best outcome to the whole situation is I don’t have to put Abraham through any operation and he is more loving and trusting now.

Zjelka Vokic
Zjelka Vokic
I ATTENDED a Genome Healing workshop with Carol because three years ago I had my uterus removed and suffered constant pain in my ovaries as a result. I went to doctors and specialists but all they could say is they couldn’t find anything wrong with my ovaries.

Early on the first day of the workshop, Carol worked with me on my ovaries. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. I could not believe it but immediately all the pain went out of them and I was pain free for the first time in years. I could sense a total turnaround within them and a knowing that they were now starting to regenerate. I was continually pressing my abdomen to locate the pain, but I couldn’t. Not only that, I usually smoke more than a packet of cigarettes a day but since releasing the negativity held in my ovaries I have felt much more calm and peaceful to the point where I have had no more urge to smoke! And this was just a side-effect as I had made no conscious effort to give up smoking. I realise it is still early days but to have such dramatic results already is very encouraging and I will continue to use the techniques I have learnt for myself. I would recommend this incredible healing process to anyone seeking deep emotional and/or physical healing.

Stephanie Sinclaire
I found this beautifully presented course quite incredible and I am still beyond words. There was so much love and wisdom combined. The atmosphere and the deep knowledge created a kind of heat where previously stuck trauma melted. The organs and other aspects of the ‘physical’ responded strongly to being acknowledged and listened to and began to stand in line to tell their story and be brought into harmony.

I am in a golden cocoon now and feel something extraordinary and ancient emerging in me. I am dreaming lucidly of past lives so clearly I can taste and feel and other people are also dreaming for me, signs and portents of a powerful healing energy (re-)emerging.

I am filled with gratitude for Carol’s passion and wisdom and her vulnerability, joy and charm, which created such a wonderful atmosphere and opened the doors for us to be present and vulnerable in a safe space. This was underpinned by a concrete and proven methodology for healing, awakening and trauma release, excellently presented. I am also grateful for Janet, Julie and Susie who so gently but strongly held the container, the crucible for this alchemy to happen.

I witnessed true wonders in my fellow participants, really profound shifts. This is the course all world leaders, police, teachers and parents should take. We would have a new world in one generation. I hope it ripples out and more and more take up the practitioner’s status so this method becomes available.

In the meantime, if you want to totally change your life and your perceptions of life I recommend the course as ‘one stop shopping’ for total transformation.

Peter Murphy, author
Tweed Heads, NSW
I WAS diagnosed by three skin specialists with an invasive stage-two basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) in the inside corner of my right eye.

The BCC roots were 2cm long and interfering with my tear duct and I was to undergo plastic surgery, which I dreaded. It would have been a risky operation with the likelihood of loss of sight as well as facial reconstruction. I was booked into a leading Gold Coast cosmetic surgeon but fearing the worst I postponed the operation.

It was at this time Carol offered to try the consciousness technologies on me to heal the BCC. After two sessions she then taught me how to treat myself. I put my complete trust in Carol’s healing techniques and from first session with her I knew I would not need to undergo surgery.

I continued to use the processes for myself and as each week passed the skin cancer was slowly diminishing until it miraculously disappeared. When I went back to see my doctor he was amazed the BCC had vanished. I asked him if he believed in miracles and he said emphatically: “No, I’m a medical practitioner.” I said: “Well, you should because that’s what’s just happened.”

Sarah and Jane
Brisbane, Qld
HER mother Jane tells the story: My daughter had a stroke three years ago and has lost 60% of her right cerebellum and 100% of her left. Within a short 15-minute session with Carol at the workshop we both attended, Sarah noticed tingling in her right hand.

Sarah had not had feeling in her right side since the stroke. Within the first one-hour telephone session with her when Carol worked with her brain stem and torn artery, I could see Sarah’s face, which was previously drawn to one side, straighten before my eyes. Her eyebrow has moved down, her nose is now in the middle of her face and her mouth is more balanced.

The first night after the phone session we didn’t have to get up at all to clear her mucus through the device she has in her trachea. We previously had to do this five to seven times every night since the stroke. Now the most we have to do this during the night is three times. Sarah also requires less chest suctioning through the day. Before the sessions her chest needed clearing every hour, now it is about four times a day. Sarah could not clear her own mucus before because she had no feeling in her throat. Now she is much more able to do this for herself which seems to mean that there has been regeneration of nerves and muscles used in the swallowing process.

After three phone sessions and working on her tailbone and other areas of the body, she now has 30% more movement of her left arm and she can stand more firmly on her legs without them buckling at the knees. Sarah’s chiropractor said it may take at least 10 to 12 sessions for her injured tailbone to become stable. He could not believe that it has already done this after only one session with him.

As well as this there has been a noticeable shift in Sarah’s sense of being. She is happier, more motivated and loving. Sarah actually wants to work at things; before she didn’t. Now she has the urge to try. Her dreams have become more vivid. It is like my daughter has been returned to me.
The results so far are extremely encouraging and we are continuing to work on ourselves using the powerful techniques taught at the Genome Healing course. Sarah will be doing more sessions with Carol and we are looking forward to further miraculous results.”

Andrea Jones
I came up from Melbourne to do the course a year and a half ago. At the time I was struggling in every way imaginable. A kind lady loaned me the money to travel and do the course. After the week-long course I went home a much stronger woman and didn’t feel the victim any more.

My life changed from that point in the most extraordinary ways. I rid myself of my old clothes and simplified my life, keeping only what I needed. I worked tirelessly on my self-esteem, worth and love for myself. People who loved to put me down disappeared from my life.

To cut a huge story short, I am now looking at a fortune of money coming my way. The miraculous turn of events I attribute to the teachings of Genome and my connection to Source.

Forever grateful (that is the key).