Trauma Release Nov 2016

Dear friends,
I have just finished teaching another wonderful Genome Healing basic and Intensive course last week and before I list the many healings that happened which I will compile and send to you in a few days, I wanted to talk about the importance of my quantum trauma clearing process.

Why is it so important to clear past traumas?
Unresolved traumatic events create blocked energy in the body which disrupts not only emotional healing but physical healing as well. Some people who come to my courses have done years of work on themselves and they believe they have healed their past traumas but when they ask the cells of their body for a number from 0-10 while thinking of a particular event, they are often shocked to receive an 8 or a 10. What this means is that much of their trauma and pain has been buried deeply within the physical organs creating post-traumatic stress resulting in organ weakness and in certain cases disease. You can watch people talking about their quantum trauma releases on my video testimonials pages https://www.genomehealing.com.au/video-testimonials/

One lady held the shock of being hit by a car in her spleen and this happened 30 years ago. Another held the trauma of having her uterus removed more than 25 years ago. Another held rage in his appendix and another had rage in his prostate and male reproductive organs, and all were unaware of the devastating effects these traumas had on their bodies until they experienced new vibrant energy flowing through themselves, once these traumas were released.

Everyone in my intensive course collapsed lists of past traumas, some having 30 to 50 traumas with one man having over 90 which all collapsed down to zero – Friends, Imagine the healing benefits of this one process alone. Imagine the benefits to your family and clients! With all of what is going on in the world at present, we need something that works FAST that can quickly take us from feeling like victims to knowing ourselves as powerful CREATORS. The old baggage is too dense to take with us into the new times ahead and you can’t learn this anywhere else in the world. I am also not aware of any course where so many physical healings happen right there at the courses themselves.

I would love to meet you and be your guide on an exciting journey of healing and self-empowerment. If this work excites you follow your intuition and register for my next courses 18th – 19th and 20th – 24th February 2017 at https://www.genomehealing.com.au/courses/ For those of you coming from a distance you might want to save money by sharing an apartment with another course participant. We only have a few left so get back to us asap so we can secure one of these for you.

Unlimited love and blessings

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