More Amazing Miracles Happening at the Courses

Dear Friends,
Wow, wow, wow! We’ve just experienced another amazing 7 days of Genome Healing last week at Coolangatta Beach, Qld. Australia. Again I am blown away by all the shifts that happened for everyone and the miracles seem to be getting faster and more and more frequent. We had students come from all over Australia, and some from overseas as well.

Take a moment to read about some of the rapid results achieved below – and all through the power of consciousness alone!

Everyone experienced being able to talk to their organs and transform them back to wholeness and harmony resulting in more peace and presence in the body.
5 people said their long term back pain disappeared! Two people had chronic pain for almost 30 years. This occurred after a 15 minute back alignment exercise. Most every one of the 25 participants in the basic course experienced a positive shift in their spine and posture.
One lady had excruciatingly itchy skin for 15 years where she would scratch until it bled. After one 15 minute skin transformation exercise she no longer had the urge to, in her own words, “scratch herself to death.” She now feels confident to help her sister who has a similar condition.
After talking to and transforming her uterus, one lady’s period stopped which would usually go for 3 weeks at a time.
One man experienced prostate healing after healing his lost appendix. Others healed the trauma of organs that were previously removed and felt more balanced and harmonised within as we brought the energy of these organs back into the body.
4 people had floaters in their eyes which were all gone after the eye transformation exercise. 12 people had an instant improvement in their eyesight with one man astounded he could see the whales way out in the distance without his glasses!
After being a surrogate and doing a 10 minute healing for her depressed daughter, one lady texted her that evening to see how she was going. The daughter said she’d had a really great day, which was totally out of character. The mother told her about the distant healing she had done for her. The girl replied “Wow mum, that’s really amazing, can you please do that for me every day?”
Most everyone in the Intensive (17 people) released their lifetime of traumas, some had more than 60 unhappy events on their list, rating between 6-10. All now down to zero! Just one of the traumas resolved was a lady who had suffered the death of both of her children in separate road accidents 20 years ago.
As is always the case, every single person experienced emotional shifts as they got in touch with their organs, chakras, stem cells etc and transformed them back to their ‘optimal functioning blueprints’. Some reported no more pain in these parts and some had deeply spiritual and cosmic experiences…..so many more miracles happened too numerous to mention here.
Are you ready to revitalise and rejuvenate on all levels?
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