Male/Female conflict within the organs

Every organ has its male and female sides. This yin yang principle is replicated throughout all of creation. Within every organ I have worked with, there is always an imbalance between the males and females. The male/female sides of the same organ literally have ‘issues’ with each other. If they are not angrily fighting with their other half, they are trying to dominate, subjugate or suppress them. This makes some organs shrink away in fear. Some are able to carry on regardless by just ignoring the other one altogether and others are so shut down they don’t even know they have another half.

The reality is that despite their outward show of anger, or suppressed rage, deep down, all organs feel hopeless living in a body without love and they long for union. When we get the organs to acknowledge what is really going on at the deepest levels of themselves, they tend to admit that when love is lacking, there is no point to existence and the bottom line is …..THEY JUST DON’T WANT TO BE HERE.

There are literally millions of people on dating sites throughout the world – all looking for love, yet without creating love within our organs, we will not be able to attract it from the outside. We may be able to attract a semblance of love but the depth of loving connection we all yearn for will escape us. Only when we go within to recognise and transform the separation within ourselves, can we have deep and lasting union with anyone else.

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