2 Day Genome Healing Basic

  • The science and fundamentals of the methods
  • How to connect with your higher power to affect changes in the body
  • How to ‘embody’ your organs and allow them to have a voice.
  • How to transform organs back to their ‘optimal functioning blueprints’
  • Re-program your cells, blood and other body fluids for optimal functioning
  • Transform your stem cells for strong immune system
  • Align your spine through the power of your mind

5 Day Genome Healing Intensive

  • In-depth journeying into bodily organs and systems
  • Learn to recognise secondary gain and clear it
  • Transform negative ancestral programming
  • Communicate with and heal your genome
  • Working deeper with stem cells and chromosomes
  • Resolve all your life’s traumas in ONE morning session
  • Re-program your first cell to affect every cell in your body
  • How to heal from a distance and through surrogates
  • Transform your telomeres to support youth & vitality
  • Restore harmonious relationships with planetary influences

3 Day Master Class

This course is designed to assist Intensive Graduates to take their healing skills to the next level.

Harness the power of LOVE to create the world of your dreams – your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world.

The Master class is designed to assist Intensive graduates to gain further experience in what they have learnt in the Intensive course as well as to introduce new and advanced healing methods. (a full course overview will be sent to you upon request after completion of the Intensive course).