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Our results speak for themselves!

Many amazing healings happen at our Genome Healing courses. It is impossible to capture them all on video. These are just some of the profound results experienced by participants from all walks of life.

Izas tells of his profound course experience

Di experiences the shifts within her body as her Lyme bacteria is transformed in front of the class

Ann feels at peace after releasing the trauma of her mother’s death held for over 50 years in her lungs.

Dean feels newfound happiness after the quantum release of a life-time of hurts.

Jenny’s life-long phobia released in 5 minutes along with lists of past traumatic events.

Graham’s cancer symptoms improve and man boobs disappear overnight

Life-long astma symptoms gone

Fear of flying healed in one phone session

Joy after transplanted heart valve healing

Julia tells of her organ healings

Dominique’s overall course experience

John astounded by the results people are getting

Lee’s floppy foot healed after 15 minute left/right brain healing,

Noel tells of his quantum release of 80 past traumas

Jewel heals her knees after 25 years of pain

Michelle tells of her life-changing experience

James finds speed of techniques beyond belief

Moana tells of the reunion of the male and female of her heart

Astrid’s understands her life’s patterns after first cell healing

Lee’s fear of heights healed in 10 minutes

Peter blind in one eye gets 70% vision back

Scott’s organ healings verified with Russian Physiospect machine

Michele tells of her neck healing at the Genome Healing Intensive

Debra’s 30 years of back pain gone after a 15 minute healing

Carol heals 15 years of excruciating skin itching

Denis heals his eyesight and list of traumas

Keith’s Instant knee healing after 35 years of discomfort

Rosslyn’s list of life’s traumas disappear

Hazel’s outpouring of love with left and right brain reunion

Medic Ben leaves his war traumas behind

Dianne who has glaucoma can read the small print

Testimonials appearing on this site are received through video or written submission. They are individual testimonials reflecting real life experiences of those who have attended our courses and as each person and situation is different, results will be different in each case and we make no claims to be able to heal anyone.

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