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RAPID healing for 21 year old Sarah who is wheelchair bound

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HER mother Jane tells the story: My daughter had a stroke three years ago and has lost 60% of her right cerebellum and 100% of her left. Within a short 15-minute session with Carol at the workshop we both attended, Sarah noticed tingling in her right hand.

Sarah had not had feeling in her right side since the stroke. Within the first one-hour telephone session with her when Carol worked with her brain stem and torn artery, I could see Sarah’s face, which was previously drawn to one side, straighten before my eyes. Her eyebrow has moved down, her nose is now in the middle of her face and her mouth is more balanced.

The first night after the phone session we didn’t have to get up at all to clear her mucus through the device she has in her trachea. We previously had to do this five to seven times every night since the stroke. Now the most we have to do this during the night is three times. Sarah also requires less chest suctioning through the day. Before the sessions her chest needed clearing every hour, now it is about four times a day. Sarah could not clear her own mucus before because she had no feeling in her throat. Now she is much more able to do this for herself which seems to mean that there has been regeneration of nerves and muscles used in the swallowing process.

After three phone sessions and working on her tailbone and other areas of the body, she now has 30% more movement of her left arm and she can stand more firmly on her legs without them buckling at the knees. Sarah’s chiropractor said it may take at least 10 to 12 sessions for her injured tailbone to become stable. He could not believe that it has already done this after only one session with him.

As well as this there has been a noticeable shift in Sarah’s sense of being. She is happier, more motivated and loving. Sarah actually wants to work at things; before she didn’t. Now she has the urge to try. Her dreams have become more vivid. It is like my daughter has been returned to me.
The results so far are extremely encouraging and we are continuing to work on ourselves using the powerful techniques taught at the Genome Healing course. Sarah will be doing more sessions with Carol and we are looking forward to further miraculous results.” – Sarah and Jane, Brisbane, Qld

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