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LONG-term ovarian pain and urge to smoke disappear instantly

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I ATTENDED a Genome Healing workshop with Carol because three years ago I had my uterus removed and suffered constant pain in my ovaries as a result. I went to doctors and specialists but all they could say is they couldn’t find anything wrong with my ovaries.

Early on the first day of the workshop, Carol worked with me on my ovaries. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. I could not believe it but immediately all the pain went out of them and I was pain free for the first time in years. I could sense a total turnaround within them and a knowing that they were now starting to regenerate. I was continually pressing my abdomen to locate the pain, but I couldn’t. Not only that, I usually smoke more than a packet of cigarettes a day but since releasing the negativity held in my ovaries I have felt much more calm and peaceful to the point where I have had no more urge to smoke! And this was just a side-effect as I had made no conscious effort to give up smoking. I realise it is still early days but to have such dramatic results already is very encouraging and I will continue to use the techniques I have learnt for myself. I would recommend this incredible healing process to anyone seeking deep emotional and/or physical healing. –Zjelka Vokic, Melbourne, Vic

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