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INVASIVE skin cancer disappears in weeks.

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I WAS diagnosed by three skin specialists with an invasive stage-two basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) in the inside corner of my right eye.

The BCC roots were 2cm long and interfering with my tear duct and I was to undergo plastic surgery, which I dreaded. It would have been a risky operation with the likelihood of loss of sight as well as facial reconstruction. I was booked into a leading Gold Coast cosmetic surgeon but fearing the worst I postponed the operation.

It was at this time Carol offered to try the consciousness technologies on me to heal the BCC. After two sessions she then taught me how to treat myself. I put my complete trust in Carol’s healing techniques and from first session with her I knew I would not need to undergo surgery.

I continued to use the processes for myself and as each week passed the skin cancer was slowly diminishing until it miraculously disappeared. When I went back to see my doctor he was amazed the BCC had vanished. I asked him if he believed in miracles and he said emphatically: “No, I’m a medical practitioner.” I said: “Well, you should because that’s what’s just happened.” – Peter Murphy, author, Tweed Heads, NSW

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