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DISTANT healing removes pain

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I REALLY loved doing the course and learning the techniques and am already using them with great results.

Mum (73 years old) was crying in pain when she came to the course but became pain free for the whole weekend since the healing and all day Monday until she went to dialysis. She said that she didn’t know if the freedom of pain would last and I’ve told her that her thoughts create her reality.

This morning when I called her she was in a lot of pain. I did a distant meditative healing after I spoke to her and it was the best experience I’ve had to date. I really felt like the Creator was healing her. I could really feel the energy coming down. I can’t really explain it.

When I called Zjelka to see where my Mum was, she said they were out at a friend’s and went shopping and that she wasn’t in pain. I think it’s amazing and exciting. Zjelka has also been pain free since the healing for the first time in three years. – Teresa Postregna, Melbourne, Vic

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