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CAT’S nose cancer healed from a distance using owner as surrogate

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I RESCUED a cat named Abraham seven years ago and he is a very timid cat, so when he had a problem with his breathing and nose I had to catch him and take him to the vet who prescribed antibiotics.

Abraham let me give him the first dose and then he disappeared for two weeks. Over the next two months he got really bad. He had scabs growing over his nose and it sounded like it was blocking his breathing. Every time I made an appointment at the vets he must have sensed that something was happening so he would disappear. I finally trapped him and took him to the vets at Christmas time and his diagnosis was very poor – cancer. He needed an operation to remove some of his nose.

He couldn’t stay at the vets because the only vet that could do the operation was on holidays for another week. I felt sick that I had to put this cat through something so horrendous when he was already very scared. I kept putting it off and did a TFT course with Carol Roberts in February and she mentioned that she had some success with a new method she was going to Russia to learn. Carol offered to try and help Abraham, which I accepted. He was still in home in Adelaide so the healing was done from a distance. All up the healing took no more than 20 minutes.

Well, in the next week I thought I was seeing things. It looked like the sores on his nose were disappearing, but I had to ask everyone that saw him and knew him to check for me. And yes, they were disappearing. It probably took about two-three weeks and they completely disappeared and he started to breathe without struggling. I am so grateful to Carol for helping my cat and would recommend anyone to have a go and see if they have amazing results like I did. The best outcome to the whole situation is I don’t have to put Abraham through any operation and he is more loving and trusting now. –Jane McCue, Murray Bridge, SA

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