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BLADDER, prostate and back conditions healed

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I AM extremely impressed with the vast and instant improvement I experienced with my bladder and prostate as a result of Carol’s healing techniques. I felt beneficial change from the very first day.

It’s not much fun having your sleep interrupted 4-5 times during the night to go to the toilet. Sometimes I would be trying to urinate for 5 minutes or more and although my bladder was full, short squirts were the norm. I would then go back to bed only to have to get up again shortly after. However, since the first day of the communicative healing method I have only needed to get up once a night.

Using Carol’s visualisation healing technique, I also have been able to realign my upper spine several times, so much so that I am able to stand more erect with my shoulders further back and my chest expanded more. Initially, I was amazed my back could be realigned without chiropractic intervention. But, again, I put total faith in Carol’s transformation techniques and the results have been simply wonderful. In fact, following my first realignment session when I got into my car I was quite surprised I had to adjust my rear-view mirror because I was sitting taller. – Peter Murphy, writer, Tweed Heads, NSW

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