BACK and shoulder realignment over Skype - Genome Healing

BACK and shoulder realignment over Skype

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I AM totally blown away by the distant healing session Carol conducted via Skype with me.

I have had a very sore left shoulder, which has been giving me constant pain. It was so bad I had to take time off work. I have had massages and seen an osteopath, which brought about temporary relief, but I still had the pain after these treatments.

As soon as Carol started her genome healing treatment I could feel it working immediately. She helped me communicate with my shoulder, spine and muscular system and by the end of our half-hour session the pain in my neck, back and shoulders had gone and I could freely move my head to the left and right without discomfort.

I have told friends about my experience and am excited and looking forward to learning these techniques for myself at Carol’s next course. Thank you so much. 
- Tricia Fox, marketing consultant, Blue Mountains, NSW

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