ASTOUNDING results for me and my friend - Genome Healing

ASTOUNDING results for me and my friend

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RECENTLY I was experiencing some very unpleasant feelings and thoughts about myself and my journey through life and was advised through another source that my soul was not in alignment with my purpose and therefore creating quite some angst for me.

A friend recommended I see Carol Roberts and I found her to be very kind, caring and understanding with me as I was in a very emotional state when I contacted her. I am very grateful to Carol for her lovely gentle intuitive presence which enabled her to tune into the areas which needed the most attention. She explained the healing process and was very supportive as to where I was currently at. It was really lovely to receive her acknowledgement for whatever was happening for each body organ we worked with – very honouring and helped to allow for that organ and my mind to be okay with its current expression.

The Genome Healing process is such a loving, beautiful process and very extraordinary in that it creates a wholesome oneness feeling within yourself, your body parts and organs and gives you that feeling of being a whole unit once more and having your whole self working together in balance and harmony.
The process allowed me to reconnect to my heart and feel a true connection that I was missing, and having my brain and mind balanced as part of the process really served me well. I highly recommend this process if you are feeling uncomfortable with yourself or feeling sabotaged in anyway. It’s a very gentle loving process that is very honouring.

In fact, I was so impressed I used the process Carol had shared with me and provided some guidance to a friend who was feeling unconnected to her feelings. The process was simply astounding as it enabled so many clarities to arise for her and we were able to gently and lovingly release blockages, energy blocks and rebalance the harmony in the key body parts and organs. A truly amazing experience for myself and my friend who just loved it.
I am excited to learn this beautiful healing process and am drawn by it for my own life purpose and journey. I look forward to joining Carol at her next workshop and sharing this wonderful energy and healing with those I can serve. With love and appreciation. – Vicki Anderson

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