Physical Healings happening at the Courses themselves! - Genome Healing

Physical Healings happening at the Courses themselves!

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Again the excitement is building for our upcoming Genome Healing course on August 13-14 for basic and 15-19 for Intensives 2016

If you haven’t booked in yet, make sure you secure your place today! our last course one transformation after another happened for almost everyone. Many tears of joy were shared and participants felt that the course helped them to deal with their emotional issues on a very deep level. Some said they now had much more understanding and compassion for themselves as they saw their life’s pattern unfold after just one organ healing.Many people reported that after putting their traumas behind them, they no longer felt like victims. An ex -army medic who had been suffering PTSD after experiencing the trauma of war told us he was amazed how the past traumas he had written on his list were now gone! He could now see his terrible past through totally different eyes and was looking forward to helping other traumatised war victims.Some very real physical healings happened as well. One lady who had worn glasses since she was 7 years old said her eyesight had improved dramatically to the point where she thought she may not need to wear glasses anymore. A lady with type 2 diabetes was able to balance her sugar levels. Another lady suffering constant migraines had none at all during the entire 7 days. One man showed overnight improvement of his cancer symptoms, another man not only got 70% vision back after being blind in one eye for years, he received a call from his mother that his father (needing regular eye injections for glaucoma) experienced eyesight improvement as well!
To gain such results on so many levels, for so many people is so great to witness. So if this work excites you, go to our website and book NOW. It will be so great to meet you and share the magic of Genome Healing.

Unlimited Love and blessings,

Carol Roberts, Genome Healing Founder.
Below are excerpts of testimonials shared from some of the courses.

How can I explain such a major shift in all aspects of my life. Spiritually, bodily, thought patterns, feelings. I don’t want to die now! Now I get up with a smile on my face., I have energy I haven’t had for years, I sing, my soul has been set free, I laugh a lot, my heart doesn’t ache anymore. I feel like I have a future. I even danced to some music, I haven’t done that in a long time. Thank you so very much. I am coming back to do the full course as soon as I have put the keys I have learned in place in my life and the life of my husband – Beverley Gilbert

I found the clearing of trauma’s was amazing……I am now able to walk without pain in my knees and joints…….. I experienced one night, the most amazing realistic dream ever of a higher love, like divine love. Amazing never ever experienced a dream like that…… Carol worked on my Lyme disease and by the end of this course I feel I am strong enough to heal all of the illness inside of me. I have more energy and a more positive outlook on life. I would like to one day do a follow up course – Maddeline Young

Words cannot describe how grateful I am. This is truly the Holy Grail of healing work. It has changed the course of history for me on so many levels.This work will truly help individuals, humanity and the planet achieve miraculous healing. We are no longer constrained even by time and to achieve such profound absolute knowing in a week instead of a lifetime (or several) has been incredible – Jo Heart

To book call us on 0755 357 889 or email us at and we will send you all further details and how to pay.

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