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Healing Sessions with Carol Roberts, Genome Healing Founder

genome-healing-carol-robertsMy main focus is in teaching courses so that people can learn to harness their own higher power to heal themselves. Many conditions are caused by habitual negative thinking and people need to learn fast methods they can use regularly to shift through their fears, doubts and traumatic events that can continuously present themselves. My experience in working with many hundreds of people is that physical conditions are directly influenced by the state of one’s consciousness and when our thinking is healed, the body naturally falls into balance.

In a typical session I guide you into the different parts of your body and allow them to “have a voice” and be transformed. I see myself as a facilitator rather than a healer, helping you connect with yourself to have your own internal healing experience. In between my teaching and writing schedule I am available for face to face sessions at my Gold Coast clinic, or by Skype or telephone.

If I am unavailable I will put you in touch with some of my certified practitioners who will be able to assist you.

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